And So It Begins

Good old Glogger shows itself to be the same PoS it was when I dumped it years back. Bloogle... sorry, Google can't produce crap, so they buy a platform and simply turn it into crap.

I did a post with a video I found. Seems my cousin couldn't open it. I forgot to test it on my iPoop, so I opened the post  up. Nuthin'. The words were there, but no image or link to my video. WTF??!!

I s'pose I need to do some more research into blog engines and maybe stand-alone, self hosted platforms. Much as I'm tired of getting apps for this tablet of mine, I kinda would appreciate Google making one for this Blogger shit. Heck, they bug me everytime I open their search engine to d/l their SE app.

{{sigh}} Onward thru the fog, eh?

Keep The Faith*