WOW! It's been a long while!

 Indeed, almost 7 months since I last came here. The main reason was I tried to set my blog url to Robb's Place. It worked for a bit, but then Blogger (read: Google) changed their rules. I lost access to the blog and just recently was able to get it back.

Did you miss anything? No, not really. The Wuhan virus is taking its toll around the world. I've kept myself locked up in my apartment, using the excuse of isolation from the virus.

Rob & Jenny took me (us!) up to Barry's Bay to lay my dad's ashes up at Tom's Lookout back in August. That was fun!

No fishing at all. Well, no. I went out a few days after my last blog entry here to do some channel catfishing. It was (as usual) a wash out. It was my second official Fishing Ottawa w/ Greybeard trip. It was my last official FOG trip.

And that is about it. The pandemic has folks in my building getting more crazy than usual. Perhaps the colder weather will dissuade them from bringing their insanity outside and all I'll have to deal with is Johnny B Evil above me and the newest nutbars on my floor. {{sigh}} Life goes on, eh.

Keep The Faith*