Oh, Well It Was Fun While It Lasted!

 I've been vaping for the past 7 years, with the occasional foray back to cigarettes. Unfortunately, the federal gov't stuck their greasy hands into the industry and forced companies to drastically  reduce the nicotine content of the juices AND forced them to stop selling certain items. Items that I use and are no longer available.

Fucking Government. The one thing that has effectively kept me off the regular use of tobacco is now gone. Fucking Government. Too bad I didn't order a month ago. The store I usually buy from had all their discontinued juices on sale for $5 a bottle! Compare that to $17 to $20 a pop, well...

So. I have equipment I can no longer use. I can not get the liquids I want, let's be honest and say NEED! With the poor experiences I have had with various pods, tanks and mods, I really don't want to be spending more on something the Fucking Government may just make illegal.

Cigarettes are legal. The Fucking Government has yet to regulate nicotine content in them. Choice looks pretty fucking clear to me. Because of my utter lack of willpower and the Fucking Government's need to destroy things, I am going back to cigarettes. Gonna cost me at least 170 to 200% more than I paid for vape shit, but hey, the Fucking Government ain't gonna make smokes illegal. It makes them WAY to much $$$$!

This Is The End, My Friend, This Is The END!

 Yup, it appears that ol' Joe is in free-fall, a classic crash & burn scenario. From liberal polls (meaning those on the left) showing an approval rating of less than 50% to more videos of his son, Hunted... ooo, sorry, Hunter! bemoaning about his plight to hookers to a small but rising cry of impeach, ol' Joe is unraveling at the seams.

Well, Democrats, are ya happy now for your choice in a president? And I won't go into Kamala Harris and her incompetent role as VPOTUS. I can only hope that some oligarchy (Russia? China? Iran?) doesn't decide to decide to toss out an ultimatum of Bend The Knee or Else!



Erin O'Toole, Conservative Dictator

 Erin O'Toole, the leader of the federal Conservative party. I am voting Con on September 20 even tho' I utterly despise Mr. O'Toole. I am voting that way not because I think O'Toole would be better than Trudeau. Far from it, as I believe they are cut from the same socialist cloth. My decision to go Con is in the fervent hope that they will be the guiding light to bring this country out of the mess the Liberals have put us in.

Erin O'Toole, dictator. He has proven that he is no different a leader than Justin Trudeau. I just need to hold my nose a wee bit tighter until election day.


Police Protecting Their Own

Aye-yup. Another police audit. This one shows a whole new side to how police protect each other. Well, yeah, in the USofA, at least. I somehow doubt it would be any different here in Canuckistan.



Just A Head's Up For Y'all

 I've been seeing a lot of posts… no, actually, memes, stating that if you (meaning me) don't like the vaccine(s), then you (meaning me) should stay away from hospital ERs if I contract this Wuhan thing. That will allow the truly vaccinated folk who get the virus can have priority service.

I agree and whole-heartedly support that viewpoint. I really want to stay away from any ER. My doctor strongly suggested (several times, in fact, during our last 2 phone app'ts) to go to ER because of a… what? thing? I currently have. I took her advice a few weeks ago, spent 7+ hours in waiting, only to be told to go home and “sleep it off”. That was, I think, because I said that going to bed sometimes helps.

Any fucking way, I just want to assure all you folk out there with all your doses, not counting the upcoming boosters, that I will definitely will NOT be going to ANY emerg for anything. I know that my GP has my best interests at heart, but trust me… dang, but no. Do Not Trust Me! I'm a fucking covidiot! Eh!

Just know that I will not tie up any hospital's emergency department or hospital bed or ICU. I will refuse any and all attempts by EMTs to take me to an ER and will sue the fuck out of them if they do. Plus the hospital that takes my sorry, unvaccinated ass.

I want NO part of the fuckupedry going on in the Wuhan dominated world today. I do NOT give a shit what you think of me for helping to spread this thing and murdering untold millions of folk out there. Ain't my problem. I stay home. I do not go out except to get my 'scripts from the drugstore, because they won't deliver. I'm only 63 & they need me to be 65+.

Gee whiz! But I do get long-winded, don't I?! Let me put this into it's simplest terms.


50 Years Old in 2021


Danbury CT - Police Audit

 9 June 2021. Danbury Connecticut.

A 1st Amendment auditor was trespassed from a Danbury library. Long Island Audit (LIA) is a classic example of how NOT to do an audit. Calling the officers names and completely disrespecting them (altho', in this case, may be justified) turns LIA into the tyrant he rails against.

All that said, this video (posted by LackLuster) shows the depths that LEOs and PDs in general will stoop to. This is just an end snippet.

Original video by LIA: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O2BngdGTIEw
LackLuster video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vslo5hrpzBo

A Conservative Promise

 This is a "promise" I would love to see implemented!
But, since we are talking about a probable election in 2021, I see this as nothing more than vape in the wind. Poof! And it's gone!!


This Is HIGHLY Disturbing!

“Wow” does not do this video justice!

Some 1st amendment auditors in Detroit Michigan got arrested for trespassing outside a Great Lakes Water Authority plant. Security there claimed that the auditors were on their property, were told to leave and they didn't. Detroit PD were called and after the GLWA made up their lies to the cops,  the folks were busted and their recording equipment (cell phones & cameras) confiscated.

The last fellow was arrested after he drove away from the scene. He began recording his interaction on his cell phone AND started live streaming. The cops who took his phone and placed it into an evidence bag did not realize it was broadcasting live!

Just listen to the GLWA officers mocking and making fun of the person who was arrested. Disgraceful is not applicable here. They should be fired immediately!!

Detroit Police: https://www.facebook.com/detroitpolice/

Great Lakes Water Authority: https://www.facebook.com/glwater/


EEK! A Cat Video!!

 OMG, but yes! This is a cat video. Certainly not your average kitty shenanigans, but a truly unique look (listen??) at meow.


The Biden Childhood Stutter

 This is from January 2021, but KVON does an admirable job at showing ol' Joe's propensity for fumble butting. Enjoy!


Hush Lodge

 A year ago, my son & Jenny brought me up to where the old Simpson Cottage was. We stayed in a motel called Hush Lodge. It was once (long ago) called the Beaver Lake Motel. I spent my honeymoon there with… yeah. She knows.

I just sent an email to the Hush Lodge in case I never expressed my gratitude for their… ummm… assistance. Just wanted to share that email here:

A year ago, my son brought me up to your area to lay my dad's ashes… yadda.

I may have expressed my gratitude to you and Hush Lodge previously, but can find no record of it under this email addy.

Let me tell you this.
Hush Lodge, under it's “new” name, was an absolutely amazing experience! From everything that you offered to the amenities and the absolute beauty of the area (of which I am intimately aware of!), I just wanted to say…

Thank You!! You made our time there simply exquisite and your assistance was unequaled! I feel like I have said this before, but… Bravo! You are what makes this country great! Without your help in these trying times (and, yes, in 2020 during the direst of times!) Hush Lodge gave me, and the rest of my family, the BEST opportunity to do what we needed to do.

BRAVO, Hush Lodge! I am grateful to you, the area where you are and the ability to do what needed to be done! I could go on and on about what the Barry's Bay / Combermere region means to me, but… well, yeah. 

Hush Lodge made it all just *that* more special!! (if this is repetitive, trust me, I Do Not Care!) I am eternally grateful and forever in YOUR debt for giving me a small chance to do what needed done.

All my love & support!

This isTWO Years back, but…

 It simply goes to show how ineffective the Trump's wal could have been!

CBC. Coulda been named CNN, eh!


Gee Whillikers!

It was one mask. Then, dual layered masks. Then, two masks.
Now, who the fuck knows??!!

Such Fun! (and idiocy!)

 Goodness! But I DO need to stop posting FB shyte! Them there fuckers are gonna delete me!

Or Blogger, owned by Google, will!!