Happy New Year 2021

 And a happy birthday, Robb! 
I turned 63 two days ago. yay.

The self-named Vision Year of 2020 is now behind us. Here's hoping (but utterly doubtful) that 2021 will be better.
The pandemic still rages along. Politicians, who continue to be paid, are shutting down our economies to try and stifle the Wuhan virus from wiping out humanity, even tho' the survival rate from the virus is around 98%.

Winter is here making my self-isolation much easier. My one trouble is the complete lack of exercise. My body can barely take walking the 10 to 12 block round trip trek to the pharmacy. Muscles scream at me when I get up to simply go pee. What a pain! 👿  Then again, my lack of going out has enabled me to actually have some extra cash each month! So, there is some good to be found.

Ah well. Another year older. Another day dumber. Life Is GOOD!!

Keep The Faith*