Indeed, Celebrate!

Last night, I celebrated 27 freaking years of clean time at my home group along with another member who was at her 1 year mark. We had an excellent speaker who shared his past and his present in an excellent mix of Experience, Strength and Hope. Along with many newcomers and long-timers, it was a great way to Celebrate Recovery with everyone!

I guess I was (am!) over-stimulated from it all. I mean, heck, it 04:30 right now. The melatonin I took a couple of hours back hasn't done nada. I thought about dimenhydrinate (Gravol, to you purists), but I didn't want to be phased out in the morning. Ha! As if I'm not going to be that way, anyhow, staying up all night!

Well, I suppose it is best to say that another year has come and gone. Life continues its inexorable path. Ups and downs and sometimes a few sideways thrown in there for good measure.

Still, one thing I do know is that -Just For Today- I am cleanNOTsober!! And for that fact alone, I am grateful!!

Keep The Faith*