A Fun Phone Conversation

 I got a call today from a cemetery where a few family members have been interred. They were wondering if we, as in family, were interested in placing my "mother" in a newly opened spot.
(note: I placed "mother" in quotes because she is my step-mum)

I told the fellow on the phone that, well...
1) My "mother" was placed in her current spot with her husband, my father and it wouldn't be nice to separate the two of them
2) Their location is within a few feet of my aunt, who was my dad's sister, and to separate them would not be... what? advantageous? Plus, my aunt's spot has a marker listing yours truly, even tho'... well, yeah, a very long story, hm? (see pic!)

3) Since we (as in the Simpsons) have 5 members of our tree placed there with no issues, why mess things up?

OK. I am NOT  the person to talk to about such things. Honestly, I do not know who would be. My sister or brother, I suppose, since they are the direct descendants of my step-mum and my sister was executor of... yadda... another long story, hm? I was listed because... why? I took care of my aunt's case in the matter? And she passed after my step-mum and before my dad. So... ???

As such, I had forgotten that I requested an estate planner from the cemetery back when my dad passed. They wanted to get this info out to me. (Keep in mind that my dad died 4+ years back.)

Outside of the fact the dude on the line did not realize my step-mum and dad were placed together, he asked if maybe my aunt and step-mum could be moved also.

I replied by pointing out that my grandad and gram were there also and were they willing to "relocate" all of them. (see pic #2)

Got the poor fella a bit flustered, so I just suggested they send me the info I requested 4 years back. He said sure, got my mailing info, and was probably glad to be out of this cold-call sales.

So. I should be expecting a package in the mail of how wonderful this company is, how great it would be to be there and all the other sales tactics a biz can offer. Plus a few far more than needed phone calls.

Honestly, I can not fault them for the phone call. Even in this Wuhan Virus bs. Folks still die and someone has got to take care of them. And make a few $$ along the way. Aye?

Keep The Faith*


Happy New Year 2021

 And a happy birthday, Robb! 
I turned 63 two days ago. yay.

The self-named Vision Year of 2020 is now behind us. Here's hoping (but utterly doubtful) that 2021 will be better.
The pandemic still rages along. Politicians, who continue to be paid, are shutting down our economies to try and stifle the Wuhan virus from wiping out humanity, even tho' the survival rate from the virus is around 98%.

Winter is here making my self-isolation much easier. My one trouble is the complete lack of exercise. My body can barely take walking the 10 to 12 block round trip trek to the pharmacy. Muscles scream at me when I get up to simply go pee. What a pain! 👿  Then again, my lack of going out has enabled me to actually have some extra cash each month! So, there is some good to be found.

Ah well. Another year older. Another day dumber. Life Is GOOD!!

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WOW! It's been a long while!

 Indeed, almost 7 months since I last came here. The main reason was I tried to set my blog url to Robb's Place. It worked for a bit, but then Blogger (read: Google) changed their rules. I lost access to the blog and just recently was able to get it back.

Did you miss anything? No, not really. The Wuhan virus is taking its toll around the world. I've kept myself locked up in my apartment, using the excuse of isolation from the virus.

Rob & Jenny took me (us!) up to Barry's Bay to lay my dad's ashes up at Tom's Lookout back in August. That was fun!

No fishing at all. Well, no. I went out a few days after my last blog entry here to do some channel catfishing. It was (as usual) a wash out. It was my second official Fishing Ottawa w/ Greybeard trip. It was my last official FOG trip.

And that is about it. The pandemic has folks in my building getting more crazy than usual. Perhaps the colder weather will dissuade them from bringing their insanity outside and all I'll have to deal with is Johnny B Evil above me and the newest nutbars on my floor. {{sigh}} Life goes on, eh.

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The End of Writing (sorta)

No, not really. This is more about me being gob-smacked by a major movie... from long ago.
I just finished watching "Close Encounters of the Third Kind" on Netflix. I have avoided re-watching this movie because of a personal... what? grievance? about the premise of this movie. Not to say that it isn't good, or even great, but...

Way, WAY, back in 1977, when this movie came out, I was "working on a short story or novella or whatever the frell you want to call it.
At that time, in '76, I had begun writing about an idea I had. The premise was about a fellow, a Canadian, who had visions about a mountain that held some sort of amazing insights into... whatever. I found the concept to be oh-so very interesting! I even took the effort to read about written short stories and novels. I was wonderfully isolated at the start of this, back in my daze in Winnipeg.
I continued writing when, Oh My Gosh! this movie came out! I was amazed about the similarities of the story line, the mountain-top (mine was in the Canadian Rockies) and the main character's input.
All in all, I was thrown into a pit of WTF??!! Naturally, I dismissed the whole thing to... ummmm... well, I dunno, or canna remember. I *do* know I was utterly pissed off!
Thing is that today, 40+ years later (OMFG!) I can still remember the heartache I felt when I discovered that someone STOLE *my* idea!!

Yeah, yeah, gimme a break! I was young. I wanted to be a writer. But, to be shot down in such a manner... well, it kinda ruined my desire to write. Bummer, eh?

Keep The Faith*