Social Media

Social media, aka Facebook. I'm not on those other connection platforms like Twitter or Instagram or Tumblr. All the "go-to" sites today.

I dropped FB on December 31, 2019. I am on a newer platform called MeWe ( https://mewe.com/i/robbsimpson - you gotta sign up to see) and I like it. I advertised my presence there on Facebook for 3 or 4 months before my FB departure. Only two of my FB "Friends" signed up at MeWe. One to check it out, and she said it was real lonely there. The other because she wanted to "stay in touch".

It can be lonely. I've got but four Contacts, as MeWe calls 'em. Three are family, my brother, a niece in California and a cousin in Minnesota. The last is a family friend, Rob's girlfriend's mum, the "stay in touch" person. My brother signed up because of a promo I put on FB for my fishing group on MeWe.

I haven't made or initiated any other contacts. Even tho' the site has 6 million+ subscribers, the vast majority -easily 80%- post shyte on their respective feeds. Most, I think, are there for the Groups end of the platform, topic specific groups. I even made two Groups of my own, one for Fishing Ottawa and the other for Ottawa Vapers. Neither of them have any members other than moi, but that is probably because of the "Ottawa" focuses. 

I did a little bit of research on different social media sites and discovered more than 50 different ones out there. Many were started up after the Facebook debacle in 2018 with the data mining & selling. MeWe promoted themselves as a truly anonymous place that does not collect nor sell users info. That remains to be seen, but I like its layout AND the fact that it is ad-free!

Blah blah. I also signed up at a site called Sharfly (don't ask me what that means, I don't know - https://sharfly.com/index.php/Sharflyme - again, gotta sign up to see!) It is very new and very empty. I'll keep it to see how it pans out.

I also have two Youtube channels, one for me and a 2nd to hopefully document my fishing in Ottawa come spring. So, it ain't like I've pulled up stakes in the social media world. I'm just going in different directions.

My personal Youtube channel:
My Fishing Ottawa with Greybeard Youtube channel:

Keep The Faith*



Good golly gosh! Does it ever change??!! I’m talking about sleep. Again! I get tired, I AM tired, but my brain simply wants to review the past few years (decades??) and transpose that upon possible future events. STFU, brain!!! I mean, really!

I be thinking about past aquarium set ups I’ve had. Then I wonder about this year’s. Then I go here and there and, yes, that other place. Bouncing around so frelling much that I get dizzy! And can NOT go to sleep!!

wtf. Like WTF, eh! Heck, Ricky is stretched out beside me on my bed, purring contentedly, eyes closed, almost mocking me in his repose. It’s a cat’s life, I s’pose. He’s stopped purring, so I guess he’s conked out now. And me??

Well, I am flummoxed and flabbergasted. And still tired! Perhaps I should do that which I rail against and talk to my doctor about some sort of sleep meds. My melatonin no longer works for me (I am up to 10 to 15 mg now), so that is out. I really dinna want anti-psychotics or depression shyte. Unless depression is the cause of my insomnia. Then, I may as well shoot myself. But, that would require me to jump thru hoops to get an FAC and spend mucho $$$ on a pew-pew & ammo. Then, I’d be really freaking depressed!!

}}}sigh{{{ It’s a sad life, Charlie Brown. Oh well. I, at least, had another opportunity to use my itty-bitty Bluetooth keyboard with my iPoop. Works kinda good. But, I can’t use the ctrl-b or i or u to bold or italicize or underline my text for emphasis. Needta tap the bloody screen icons for that!!!

Keep The Faith*