Thought, But NO Action

I was reading thru some of my entries (exactly why a journal works!) and read about the upcoming catfishing season. The river water was way, WAY, high this year. Flooding everywhere. Go take a look at my FB page for pics, like this one...

 This is the bridge that I do my spring hunt from when the water is high. This year, well... flooded works better than high (I wonder if there is a Recovery lesson in that line! 😁)

I went back to that spot today (a week after the above pic was taken) ostensibly to check the water level in prep for a trip.
 The same bridge. Absolutely perfect for fishing. Calm water, warm - if not HOT! - temperatures, no floating crap on the water... Perfect!

And I knew it was going to be that way before I left. But, instead of getting my fishing poop inna groop, I decided to investigate instead.

I think it's because I was burned twice on two trips out last year. Both times were ideal for catfishing, but I was skunked. The one trip I made to this locale (the other was to Pinecrest Creek) was to take a bunch of video of me bringing in those fishy felines. But, I was skunked. And. It was a l-o-n-g walk back to my place from there, hauling my cart with all that gear I brought.

I s'pose... twice burned, thrice shy, hm? Being that self-proclaimed "lazy cuss" that I am, I neglected a promise I made to myself to get the fuck out there and get me some catfish for my freezer. We are halfway thru May and at the unofficial end of 'my' catfishing season. Those cats begin to taste like swamp right around now.

Twice burned, thrice shy. 
Hm. That seems to have worked well for me with the opposite sex.
Thus, this rant has been put to rest. 
Besides, I got to wear shorts & a T-shirt today.
I got some great comparative shots of the flooding and aftermath.
I talked with a nice lady & her husband about the weather, the geese, the refreshing breeze (nope, no sex or politics today!).
I got my sorry ass out of my apartment for a few hours.
YAY!! A really good day, eh!

Keep The Faith*