This new insulin regimen for my diabetes is throwing me for a fucking loop!

I've been having extremely LOW blood sugars. The kind that I know can kill me, especially when they happen whilst I am sleeping. I got an appointment with my endocrinologist for tomorrow. Maybe he can decipher this cock-up.

Thing is, this new insulin has helped to reduce how much insulin I take each day. Both my long acting (the new one) and my rapid.

The ups & downs I expected during my adjustment. It's this low Low LOW blood sugar, commonly called an “insulin reaction”, that has me scared. Terrified, actually! I've seen first hand how deadly an insulin reaction can be. First hand and oh-so very close to home!

Well, I am up for the night, methinks. Too chicken shit to go to sleep. I suppose I could just drive my sugars up high, but that comes with its own long-term cost. Danged if I do and fucked if I don't. Sure glad I don't drink any more! I can just see me... well, no, I would NOT want to see me like *that* again!!

Keep The Faith*