The End of Writing (sorta)

No, not really. This is more about me being gob-smacked by a major movie... from long ago.
I just finished watching "Close Encounters of the Third Kind" on Netflix. I have avoided re-watching this movie because of a personal... what? grievance? about the premise of this movie. Not to say that it isn't good, or even great, but...

Way, WAY, back in 1977, when this movie came out, I was "working on a short story or novella or whatever the frell you want to call it.
At that time, in '76, I had begun writing about an idea I had. The premise was about a fellow, a Canadian, who had visions about a mountain that held some sort of amazing insights into... whatever. I found the concept to be oh-so very interesting! I even took the effort to read about written short stories and novels. I was wonderfully isolated at the start of this, back in my daze in Winnipeg.
I continued writing when, Oh My Gosh! this movie came out! I was amazed about the similarities of the story line, the mountain-top (mine was in the Canadian Rockies) and the main character's input.
All in all, I was thrown into a pit of WTF??!! Naturally, I dismissed the whole thing to... ummmm... well, I dunno, or canna remember. I *do* know I was utterly pissed off!
Thing is that today, 40+ years later (OMFG!) I can still remember the heartache I felt when I discovered that someone STOLE *my* idea!!

Yeah, yeah, gimme a break! I was young. I wanted to be a writer. But, to be shot down in such a manner... well, it kinda ruined my desire to write. Bummer, eh?

Keep The Faith*

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