Facebook Censorship

 I have been banned from posting or commenting on Facebook for the next 24 hours. Why? Because I posted a video made by some mass media TV network. The piece was  called "What Would You Do?"

I lead it off with a, what? comment?

I followed that up with an actual comment on MY post:

And now I am banned. For a day, at least. I am not sorry or apologetic in any way for either posts/comments. But, Facebook is reliant upon the discouraging of any "negative" words that might offend whoever. Disregarding the fact that "whoever" can slam me in any way they want, a thing I highly encourage! It is called Discussion! 

My comment statement was "Fuck les Québécois". I meant that towards the PQ and BQ (look them up!) and all Quebecers who call for an independent country for Kweebek. Fuck les... and Fuck You. (Note how Google messes with the formatting of this entry. Classic bum-fuckery)

But, no. Facebook would rather try to slap me in the face for hurting another's feelings and NOT attempting to create some dialogue. YAY, Facebook! Tyranny is alive and well in the Western World!

Oh, no, sorry... I meant the New World Order!!

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