Rights and Freedoms

 I have been reviewing the so-called rights & freedoms that Canuckians are afforded under the Charter of Rights "given" to us by the first Trudeau way back in the 80's. I began the research based upon the draconian measures introduced by various provincial gov'ts during this Wuhan Pam Demic. During that time, I discovered that provincial gov'ts can arbitrarily create laws to limit the public's right to... well, freedom.

Recently, due to my incessant watching of USofA 1st Amendment audits of police & other gov't agencies "respect" of their Constitution, I decided to see if Canuckistan laws under the Charter of Rights and Freedoms somehow follows that. It DOES not!

Almost ANY law enforcement agency can pretty well stop, detain, require ID or even arrest anyone they even remotely suspect of whatever. W/hen Pierre Elliot Trudeau (then Prime Minister) forced the Canuckistan people under the "Constitution" and the "Charter of Rights and Freedoms" in 1982, he unleashed a massive take over of people's rights, and yes, freedoms.

Far too many folks tout the joyous & wonderful, uhhh... freedom? this thing gave us. Naturally, many poo-pooed his unilateral action as bad. That was my opinion way back then, but I was a staunch denier of Liberals and Trudeau at the time. As I am now, although the Trudeau today is his teacher son, Justin.

Yadda yadda and blahblahblah. I was seriously considering becoming an "auditor" here in my town, but my research has forced me to reconsider. Perhaps bc I am NOT a lawyer and do not understand the intricacies of law, perhaps I am a doofus or just am afraid.

Watching the demonstrations of Wuhan fuck-ups across this insane country, I am inclined to class myself as fearful. I can't afford jail. Cops would let me die rather than provide me the medical needs my diabetes requires. So. Outside of my wish to produce videos for Fishing Ottawa (which I am simply too lazy to do now), to be an auditor is just not there.

Rights and Freedoms? Ain't no such thing in the People's Republic of Communist Canuckistan.

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