USA Only - Fuck Freedom!

 Yeah, I know. This is a Facebook link. I could not find this particular video anywhere else or one that I could modify w/o being harassed for copyright. So, if you have an FB account, watch. If not, Do Not Get An FB Account!

President Joe Biden has just proclaimed that industries with 100+ employees MUST get their workers vaccinated!  MUST! As in, it is the LAW!! - - NOTE: This is MY opinion!! - -

President Biden has formally declared that YOUR freedom means shit. Fuck your freedom. I saw an FB post today w/ an image of that vax scar on many folks arm stating that “You didn't know what was in that either!”. Uh, yeah, and I never had a choice in getting that… either.

This world is getting stranger & stranger. I'm almost glad that I am 63 and do not have another 20 or 30 years left on this fucked up planet.

== oh, and to you sad souls who came to this blog of mine via FB, ignore my missive on there. It only applies to Facebook. Here, I am my own person! ==
]]Well, until Bloogle deems me inappropriate and bans my ass[[


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