The Ontario Wuhan [not]Passport

 Ontario is implementing a “not-really-a-passport” vaccine passport for this idiotic Wuhan bullshit. The Conservative gov't, lead by Doug Ford (the fat fuck), has repeatedly stated that they would NOT bring in a vax passport for the province. So, they are starting a “vaccine receipt” program on 22 September 2021.

This is where the fully vaxxed folk (not counting boosters… yet) can download a “receipt” from the ON gov't website and use that to go to “non-essential” businesses. Here is a list of places where the “receipt” will be required:

In theory, grocery and drug stores would be exempt. I say ”in theory” because the Ontario gov't has said many things and done many more things differently. Like, “2 weeks to flatten the curve” and 1.5 years later… Like, “mask exemptions” need not be proven and I got banned from the Carlingwood Loblaws because I have a DOCTOR SIGNED AND APPROVED exemption, but they don't have to follow the rules. Private business and all that bullshit. Ottawa Police Services Certified decision. Yadda. Fuck Loblaws. Fuck the OPS (stay tuned for more on them!)

On 22 October 2021, the provincial gov't will be putting out an app so the sheep and businesses can do the tyrannical gov'ts will easier. Nice! But, wait!! I let my cell phone die a noble death because I oh-so rarely go out, it cost me $10 a month and $0.65 a minute to use. Whatever am I to do??!! Oh, I know! Pretend I am holding a banana at my crotch and tell Doug Ford and his Con cronies to “Suck This!”

Am I done yet? No? Well, too bad. I've been up all night dealing with the madman above me. I'd almost done my regular Thursday outing, until my mall bust. I am très tired, but can't sleep until much later. My mood is murderous, viscous and ready to destroy the 1st fucker who looks at me and says "Hi!"

So, there.


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  1. Wow. I just realized how the fuck-wad above me, "John Fucking Hurley", feels. When he goes off his meds (my assumption), he'll go on his balcony and yell "FUCK!" repeatedly, warn his demons that he'll stick them like a pig with his "shiv" and generally rant against everything.
    Not that will stop me from telling him to STFU! or calling security on his sick, sorry ass. But, now I get it!!


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