I have decided to abandon posting on Facebook because of the mindless apathy there. Well, at least amongst the whole ten folks who are “Friends”. Thus, I'll take my own mindless ranting to here, where no one reads it or follows it.

Now. Police. Again, from Facebook, I watch a lot of videos, many of them US audits. Some are just so outrageous that they need to be shared. I am trying to find these FB vids on Youtube, but most share on the one platform & not the other. So, in the mindless interest of sharing the stupidity, I'll post what I can here. I will update this one post with every new vid I find, as opposed to creating a new one. A new post would be an especially egregious one. And, start:

This is a Daily Mail video of a couple of cop stops that show the ignorance of many officers.


UPDATE (5 Sep 2021, 20:00 hrs):

This is an officer doing the RIGHT thing!


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